Enchanted Garden


Presented by Colorado Celtic Harp Society
Songs and Stories of Magical Realms with harp and fiddle.

House Concert
Saturday June 25th at 7:30pm

Children’s Program
Sunday June 26th at 3:00pm
Please Bring Your Own Lawn Chair

Lyre Technique with Thilo Viehrig Saturday June 25, 2pm– $25

Medieval depictions of lyre players (usually King David) show one hand of the player touching the strings in the “playing window” from behind while the other hand strums or plucks the strings from the front of the instrument. In this way, some strings are stopped or damped, so that they do not sound, while the open strings sound when the other hand strums across all of the strings. Changing the fingers to damp other strings causes different notes to sound together. This is often called the “block and strum” lyre technique. Melodies can also be played in this manner, but the player must think in reverse to a harp, for example: the strings which should NOT sound must be touched. Alternating damping and plucking in the left hand and strumming and plucking in the right hand offers a myriad of varied and complex musical possibilities. Thilo will have instruments on hand to experiment with, but it is also possible to use this technique on a harp, so no one will be left out!


Where? 3120 S Decatur St., 80236
Questions? Contact 720.421.3992 allienehgunn@gmail.com

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