Harp Repair

Harp Repair

Harp Repair Prices 2016

Please call the store and talk to David Kolacny before bringing a harp in for repair. 303-722-6081 Many jobs require that an appointment be made in advance

Pedal Harp Regulation

Includes changing felts, adjusting rods, lubrication and intonation adjustment
Done in store: $175    On repairs done out of the store a trip charge is added.  Minimum $100
I will regulate harps regardless of the condition of the strings. But the better your strings, the better the regulation. Look at the nylon and gut harp strings closely. Where the discs touch the strings, the strings often become worn, nylon strings become grooved. When strings are worn or frayed change them two to three weeks before the regulation. The strings in the upper three octaves should be changed if they are more than two years old regardless. I can replace the bass wire strings during the regulation process. Installation fee is $20.

Lever Harp Regulation

Regulation includes: Checking bridge pin height and adjusting levers for the best intonation and sound. BASE PRICE FOR A 34 OR 36 STRING HARP WITH FULL LEVERS IS $70. BASE PRICE FOR HARPS WITH FEWER LEVERS WILL BE $2.00 PER LEVER. Additional charges could include: replacement parts, redrilling to move a lever to the proper location, repairing loose or floppy levers (if possible). An estimate will be given before work is done.


PRICE OF THE STRINGS PLUS $2.00 PER STRING. If you would like your harp completely restrung the harp must be left for at least 3 days.

Adding Levers

Loveland Levers are $15 each, installed.
Robinson Levers $10 each installed
Truitt Levers are $19 each, installed.
Price includes installation and the lever.
If we are removing old levers to install new ones of a different make, add $3 per lever.
This covers removing the old lever and filling the old screw hole.
Often the bridge pin height must be changed.
On rare occasions the tuning pin depth must be changed.

Other Repairs and Cosmetic Touch-Up

By Estimate Only

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