New Harps Currently In Stock

We prefer to sell harps to people who can try them in person first. In some rare cases, shipping can be arranged. Come in, call or email! Financing can be arranged. Up to 6 months rent credit can be applied to Consignment Harps.

Please contact David by phone or email to discuss these instruments.

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Dusty Strings FH36S -


Professional Stave-Backed body
With full levers and case.
Bubinga Wood.  Full levers and case.  Minor repair done on back.  See pictures below.

NEW – List Price $6495. On Sale for $5495


Highland Harps 23 Lap -


23 string lap harp.  C, F & B Levers.  Case and Key included.

NEW – $895.


Lyon & Healy Chicago 40 -


#71907 The smallest new pedal harp.
Mahogany finish.
40 strings – 1st Octave E to 6th Octave A
Weight – 62 lbs.  Height – 65 3/8″
Straight sound board
3 year limited warranty

NEW – List price $11,500


R Harps Merlin -


35 Strings. Lowest note B two octaves and one note below middle C .
8 sided maple staved back. Highest quality birch soundboard.
Baltic Birch neck and column. Truss rod system inlaid in column.
“Merlot” finish.  54″ height. Weight 22 lbs.
Strings: Bass: silk with steel wrap. Mid: Floufocarbon monofilament.
Treble: Nylon monofilament.  A compact harp with a BIG sound
Includes: Full set of Loveland Levers. Padded case. 5 year warranty

NEW – List Price $3185.