Used or Consignment Harps for Sale

We prefer to sell harps to people who can try them in person first. In some rare cases, shipping can be arranged. Come in, call or email! Financing can be arranged. Up to 6 months rent credit can be applied to Consignment Harps.

Please contact David by phone or email to dicuss these instruments.  Reasonable offers considered.

Dusty Strings "Crescendo 32" -


#6607. New in 2003. Walnut. Full Loveland Levers. Padded cloth case. Excellent condition. Lowest note E 13 notes below middle C. A great smaller harp. Height at fore pillar 50”.  Asking $2100.

dscrescendo32-2-1024  dscrescendo32-3-1024  dscrescendo32-4-1024

Listen to the Crescendo 32:

Dusty Strings "FH36S" -


#4285T Walnut, stave back. With a full set of Loveland sharping levers, Deluxe padded case and key. There is no better, full size, professional quality, lever harp made than the Dusty FH36. This one was new in 1999. A few cosmetic blemishes, but a great harp for someone who always wanted to step up to a Dusty.  Asking $4700. Current new price $6295.

dsfh36s-2  dsfh36s-4  dsfh36s-3

Listen to the FH36S:

Harpsicle Harp Co. "Flatsicle" -


#S-158. 26 strings.  Lowest note is C below middle C.  This little harp was new in 2005 and is in Excellent Condition!  It has been regulated and has Robinson Levers on C, F & B.  Comes with a deluxe padded case, stick, strap, key and spare strings.  Asking $775.00

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Lewis Creek "Phoenix 38" -


Serial number #2016017. The perfect lever harp for players that love low notes!
38 strings with the lowest note F two octaves and four notes below middle C.
Cherry wood with solid spruce soundboard. Full set of Truitt levers. Padded case. Set of spare strings.
The owner had this harp hand delivered by Jeff Lewis last November. Circumstances now require that this harp gets sold. It is in perfect condition.
Asking $5500. A great deal! Owner paid $6600 for the entire package (including delivery) less than six months ago. She paid $5900 for the harp, $245 for the strings, $250 for the padded case upgrade, plus hand delivery from Howell, Mi.

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Listen to the Phoenix 38:

Lyon & Healy "85E" -


#16238. This Semi Grand Harp is in beautiful condition and was new in 2004 when it was originally purchased here at Kolacny Music.  It has 46 strings with the lowest note being D.  It has a three piece back constructionComes with a cover and key.  Price includes regulation.  Asking $15,000.00

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Lyon & Healy "Style 17" -


Semi grand harp. #8677 Natural and Gold leaf. New in 1982.  One-piece Transport cover. Ornate stool, key. Some gold leaf repair done recently. Asking $25,000, offers considered.

lhstyle17-2  lhstyle17-3  lhstyle17-4

Lyon & Healy "Style 17" -


Gold Semi Grand #3802. Built in 1939. Comes with cover, key & trunk. Needs lots of work.  Call David for details.  Was asking $10,000 but open to offers.

style17-209-2  style17-209-3

Lyon & Healy "Troubadour I" -


#2395-C, 33 strings, natural maple. Comes with cover and key.  Used/Consignment Asking $1400.  At owner’s request we are selling as is.  Original levers, older strings, rough finish.  The soundboard is flat, neck not pulled over.  Playable with a little work.  More playable with more work.


Lyon & Healy "Troubadour IV" -


Lyon & Healy Troubadour IV #7602.  Includes Cloth cover and Key.
Asking $2900


Musicmakers "31 string Gothic" -


Cherry Wood, no levers, no case. Built by a private party from a kit. Asking $1600.00 – C and F Loveland Levers.  Additional levers $15 each. Case available from Musicmakers.

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Gothic 31 Alternate 2     Gothic 31 Alternate

Music Makers "36 String Gothic" -


C F & B loveland levers.  15 years old.  Well built from a kit.  No Case (Case available from Music Maker).  Asking $2300 offers considered.

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MM36str-3    MM36str-2

Robert Cunningham 35 String Cabinet Harp -


#764, 6th Oct A to 1st oct G, Mahogany wood with cloth case and key. Built in 1989 Solid spruce sound board. Delrin Blade style sharping levers.  Has horizontal cracks that have been filled.  Soundboard reinforced from back. Call David to discuss. Asking $1500.oo


Stoney End Braunwin -


#4083, New in 2000.  29 strings, Walnut, Full Loveland Levers.  Case, base and key included.  Soundboard pulled up, has a great sound.  Asking $1450.00 – offers considered


Listen to the Braunwin:


Stoney End "Braunwin" -


29 Strings #7136, Cherry Wood with Full Truitt Levers. Removable 8 inch base. Cloth case. Excellent condition Asking $2200


Listen to the Braunwin:

Triplett Signature -


36 String #77198, New in 1998, Maple staved back, Full Loveland Levers, Padded case.  Regulated recently & in Good condition Asking $2900


Recently Sold

Stoney End "Evensong Therapy Harp" -


#5848.  This pretty little harp has 26 strings.  C below middle C.  It was new in 2010, has been regulated and is in Excellent Condition.  It is cherry wood with a birch plywood soundboard and has C, F, B and G Loveland levers.  This harp comes with a cloth case, display stand, knee support and key.  Currently these harps new are $1500.  Asking $1099.00.

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Silver Speer "Clare" -


17 Strings, Sycamore with Cedar Sound Board.  Does not include case.  Made in Wales.  Do not recommend adding levers.  New in 2016.  New price is $850, Asking $500.

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Dusty Strings "Boulevard" -


#15482 Their newest model, has concert qut strings in the middle octaves. Comes with case, legs, tuning key. $2395 (New price was $2795) New in Feb. 2015).

boulevard2  boulevard3

Listen to the Boulevard:

Salvi "Daphne 46" -


#13180.  New in February 2006.  Includes homemade padded cover, original blue cloth cover and tuning key.  Asking $12,500.

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Stoney End "Briar Rose" -


#5179 Cherry Wood. 29 strings, lowest note F 11 notes below middle C.

C, F, B & G Loveland Levers. Hand painted sound board. Detachable 8” base. Case and key. Some spare strings. Was in perfect shape until the owner put a bump on top of the knee block carrying it into our store. I touched up the bump and regulated the harp. New in 2004. Asking $1400.


Listen to the Briar Rose:

Salvi "Livia" -


Salvi Livia #25672.  New in 2006.  Does not include a case, but we can definitely order you one.  Asking $2900


Marini "Lap 26" -


#67. C Below Middle C. Truitt levers on C, F & B.  Padded case included.  Asking $1500 – Offers Considered

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Blevins "Ellyn 29" -


#2021281 Maple. Zither tuning pins. Full Loveland Levers. Lowest note G 10 notes below middle C. 29 strings. Nice case. Joint between neck and fore pillar reinforced with a steel plate (done by John Gill in Texas, which is where the harp is originally from). Asking $995.

blevellyn2  blevellyn3

Salvi "Symphony" -


Semi Grand Pedal Harp. #1814. Natural finish. New in 1976. With cover and trunk. Recently regulated. Asking $10,000.

salvisymphony4  salvisymphony2  salvisymphony3

Lyon & Healy "85 Semi Grand" -


#53304 Mahogany finish. With cover, harp cart, Fishman pickup. Key. This is a pre-Chicago series Semi Grand harp. Low note D. A beautiful harp in great condition. I sold this harp new in 2009. Just regulated. Asking $13,500.