Meet Some of Our Music Studio Teachers

Meet Some of Our Music Studio Teachers

Matt Bassano

Matt plays every instrument he can get his hands on, and has been teaching most of them for over 20 years. As the musical director of Ad Hoc Entertainment, he runs all sorts of bands and ensembles and is sought after as a sideman and soloist, playing all over the western U.S.
Matt has played at least 20 different instruments either live or on recording dates. He was an accompanist for the National Theater Conservatory and Denver Center Theater Academy for 5 years, and has worked extensively in theater, composing, designing sound, playing live and and acting for television and theater.
If you would like to contact Matt:
Phone: (720)276-1442 or Email:   Web:

Bob Gillis

For information on Bob, please visit:

If you would like to contact Bob:
Phone (303)798-2500 or (303)523-1126 or Email:

Mark Harris

Performs with Ligeia Mare, the avante-rock band Thinking Plague, original eclectic chamber music with Hamster Theatre, open improv with Random Axe, classical chamber music with the Metro Wind Consort and the Lamont Sax Quartet. He is Assistant Professor of Studio Saxophone and Improvisation at Metro State University of Denver, and teaches widely throughout the Denver Metro Area.
Mark is on a mission to get more improvisation into the public school music curriculum. He became certified in Soundpainting in 2013, and loves to do so with whoever will join in–

If you would like to contact Mark:
Phone: (303)433-7698 or Email: