David Kolacny


Part Owner of Kolacny Music, David started working here when he was 12 years old. David learned about the music business from his Grandfather and Father. David runs our harp department. He learned about the lever harp working along side Robert Bunker (legendary harp maker and creator of the “Loveland Sharping Lever”). David learned to regulate pedal harps from Ed Galchick
when he was head of service at Lyon & Healy. Over the years, he received additional training and advice from Dale Barco and Peter Wiley. He is a member of the Harp Technicians Guild and works on every make of instrument. Kolacny Music has, on average, 200 lever harps on rent. Keeping these harps in shape and seeing common problems of students has given David some real insight into the needs of teachers and students. David is also the auther of “The Harps Nouveau Introduction to Harps” and “Trouble Shooting Your Lever Harp”. David has served as National Treasurer and Chairman of the Board for the American Harp Society (AHS). Currently he is the National Exhibit Chairman for AHS Conferences and President of International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen (ISFHC).  You can email Dave at harpdavidk@kolacnymusic.com.

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