Frequently Asked Questions

Instrument Rentals

General Instrument Rental Questions

Do you rent professional level instruments?

Unfortunately we do not rental professional band and orchestra instruments.  We rent good student quality instruments.

Do you rent guitars?

We actually do not carry any guitars in our store.  We recommend a great guitar shop that is just down the street from us, The Denver Folklore Center.

I'm not a student, can I rent an instrument?

Yes! You can rent an instrument with us whether you are a student in elementary school, high school, college or just a student of life!

I don't live in Colorado, can I rent an instrument from you?

At this time, we only rent to residents who live in Colorado.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Online Rentals

How does the online rental procedure work?

When you want to rent an instrument online, first call, email or do an online chat with us to make sure we have the instrument you are looking for is in stock. Be sure to let us know that this is for an online rental. We will then put it one on hold with Rebecca, our rep that processes online rentals.
Once you have an instrument on hold, you can fill out the online application. Our application is processed through the secure form processor, Wufoo. Then, when we receive notification that you have filled out the application, Rebecca will process a contract through Adobe Sign. This way you can sign it electronically! No need to come in!
After you sign the contract, we will process your initial rental payment and pay for any accessories or books that you requested. We will then schedule it for delivery. We will email you through every step of the process so that you know what is going on. Keep in mind that our road rep only deliveres to schools once a week and it can take a couple days to process the rental. It may be at least a full week before your instrument is delivered. The quicker you sign the contract the quicker the processing will be.
Then on delivery day, your instrument will be delivered to the school that you put on your application.

About the Rental Agreement

Is there a minimum rental period?

With our rental agreement, there is one month minimum.  This amount is covered by your initial rental payment.  There is no obligation to rent until you own it.

Does the rental rate include insurance?

The base rental rates do not include insurance.  If you would like your instrument to be covered against fire, theft, routine maintenance and accidental damage, please sign up for our optional Maintenance and Replacement program.  It is an additional $5 per month. Not available on harps.

Why do you need my Credit Card?

When you fill out our online rental application form, we ask for your credit card number in order to process your initial rent payment and to pay for any accessories that you order.  If you request autopay, we will also use this card to pay your monthly rental payment.
If you come to our store to rent, you may choose to give us your credit card in order to sign up for the autopay.  If you do not, you can exclude this from your application.  Do be aware that we do ask for other forms of ID.

What does rent-to-purchase mean?

Here at Kolacny Music, we allow you to apply all of your base rental rate to the base purchase price of the instrument.  So for example, you can rent a flute for $27 a month plus tax.  All of that $27 per month will go towards the purchase price of the instrument.  The tax goes toward the tax.  If you opt in to our Maintenance and Replacement coverage for $5 per month, that $5 per month does not apply to the purchase.

Are all of your rental instruments rent-to-purchase?

Most of our rental instruments are rent-to-purchase.  This includes our woodwinds, brasswinds, percussion, violins, violas and cellos.  Our harp rentals are a little different.  On our harp rentals we allow 6 months rent to apply to the purchase of either that harp or another of equal or greater value.

How does rent credit accumulate?

On our rent-to-purchase instruments, Kolacny Music will apply ALL of the base rental price towards the base purchase price of the instrument you rent or toward another one of equal or greater value.  For example, if you rent a flute for $27 per month plus tax, ALL of the $27 per month will apply towards the purchase price of the instrument.  The tax applies to the tax.  If you decide to opt into our Maintenance and Replacement program for $5 per month, that $5 per month does not apply towards the purchase. Does not include harps.

We do not charge interest or have carrying charges or hidden fees!

About Instrument & Accessories

Will my instrument be new or used?

The instrument that you receive could be used or new.  It depends on many factors, but mainly it depends on what we have in stock at the time of your rental.  You can always request to get either a new or used one and we will try to accommodate this to the best of our ability.  Many request used instruments in order to keep the purchase price down.  Keep in mind that our used stock is put through our repair shop that is here on the premises to make sure it is in good working condition.  If there is an issue with an instrument that you receive, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can get a replacement for you.  We want the player to be happy with the instrument that they receive!

How do I know what book my kid will need?

This is determined by the teacher of the band/orchestra class.  The best thing is to contact them or the school to find out if they need a specific book or even need one at all.  If you cannot reach them or are on a time crunch and they aren’t getting back to you, give us a call and we will see if we know what your school recommends.  Some let us know and some don’t.

Questions from Current Rental Customers

What do I do if the instrument needs repair?

If your rental instrument needs repair, you can bring it into our store.  If your student goes to one of the schools that our road rep calls on, you can also request to have it picked up there.  We will pick it up and once it is repaired, deliver it back to the school.

If you have signed up for our Maintenance and Replacement (M&R) program and the damage falls under the guidelines, your repair is covered.  We also try to keep loaner instruments in stock for our M&R customers, so be sure to request one if needed.

What do I do if my rental instrument gets stolen?

If your instrument is stolen, please contact the police and obtain a police report.  If you currently have our Maintenance and Replacement coverage, all that you need to do is get us a copy of that police report and we will replace the instrument free of charge.  If you do not have the Maintenance and Replacement coverage, the remaining balance on the instrument is your responsibility.  You can continue to pay the monthly fee until the balance is paid off or pay it in one lump sum.

Can I exchange to a different instrument later?

The instrument may be exchanged at any time during the rental period for another instrument of EQUAL or GREATER value to the instrument that you are currently renting. All RENTAL amounts paid on this instrument will be applied to the purchase of the exchange instrument as long as this contract is not in default and the exchange instrument is of EQUAL or GREATER value to this instrument. Rental monies paid on this instrument MAY NOT be transferred to any other rental agreement already in force.

I am currently renting 2 instruments and want to exchange.  Can I apply the rent credit from both of these instruments to a single new one?

You can definitely exchange, but if you want to apply the rent credit from both of the instruments you are renting to one single new one, you will need to exchange to something that has an equal or greater value to the combined value of both of the current instruments.  For example if you have 2 flutes and they are each $500 to purchase, you would need to exchange to another single instrument that has a value of $1000 or more.  Otherwise, we will only apply the rent credit from one instrument or the other, not both.

Can I pay off the instrument early and if so, how do I do that?

Yes, you can pay off the instrument early.  The best way to do this is to give us a call at 303.722.6081.  When you call, we can quote you a payoff amount.  If your account is in good standing, this will also include a discount off of the balance.

Once you have that payoff figure, you can either pay it over the phone, online or by check through the mail.

I no longer want the instrument, how do I return it?

There are a couple options.  You can come into the store any time that we are open and return the instrument.  Or, if your student is attending one of the schools that our road rep calls on, we can pick it up at the school.  If you would like to have it picked up at the school, give us a call at 303.722.6081 and arrange for this.  Be aware that we do not know you would like it returned unless you contact us.  Do not count on the teacher to let us know.  YOU must call us.

Will I keep my rent credit if I return my instrument for the summer?

When you return your instrument, you are ending your contract with us.  Your rent credit will no longer be applied to the purchase and what you have paid is just for use of the instrument while in your care.

If you know that your student will continue with the instrument after the summer, it is a better deal to keep renting it for that time.  Not only will your rent credit continue to add up, but your student can practice over the summer!