Flute & Piccolo Repair

The Brasswind and Woodwind Repair shop here at Kolacny Music Company serves Denver’s finest professionals as well as the area’s most discriminating teachers and students!  It is also on site, right here at Kolacny Music on Broadway.  No need to send your repair out of town.  That way, if you need just a quick repair (i.e. mouthpiece stuck) we can do it while you wait.
Our brasswind and woodwind technicians are some of the best!  They have trained at some of the best programs and schools and their work shows it.  After all, here at Kolacny Music, we want you to Make Music and Be Happy!

Flute & Piccolo Repair Prices

FlutesAverage for Playing ConditionComplete Repad*
Closed Hole$70.00$280.00
Open Hole$100.00$330.00
Low B Foot Add $30.00
Closed HoleBy Estimate Only$360.00
Open HoleBy Estimate Only$410.00
Low B Foot Add $30.00
Professional (Thin Pads)  
Closed HoleBy Estimate Only$410.00
Open HoleBy Estimate Only$470.00
Low B Foot Add $40.00
No Adjustment Screws Add $100.00
*For Instruments over 30 years old add $80.00
Other Flute Repairs 
Chemical Cleaning Only$80.00
New Head Cork$10.00
Fit Tenons$10.00 and Up
Broken or Frozen Rods$30.00 each and Up
Hard Solder Keys$30.00 and Up
Buff Keys and Body$100.00
PiccoloAverage for
Playing Condition
Complete Repad*
Plastic or Metal$70.00$280.00
Metal By Estimate Only$370.00
WoodBy Estimate
*For instruments over 30 years old add $80.00
Other Piccolo Repairs 
Chemical Clean Only$50.00
New Head Cork$10.00
Fit Tenon$10.00
Broken or Frozen Rods$30.00 each and Up
Buff Keys and Body$60.00
Recorder Repairs 
Recorder Tenon Cork$20.00