How to Change a Harp String

Written Instructions (PDF)

Here are several PDFs to help you learn to replace strings on your harp. Click on a link below to download and print.

Tying the Harp String Knot

(from the 30th Anniversary edition of “Teach Yourself to Play the Folk Harp”)

Replacing Strings

(from the 30th Anniversary Edition of “Teach Yourself to Play the Folk Harp”)

Dusty Strings Guide to Changing Strings

If you have a harp made by Dusty Strings, their excellent, comprehensive instructions are extremely useful.

Replacing Bass Wire Strings on Triplett Harps

(from the Harp Center instruction pack for how to care for your rental harp)


Sylvia Woods has created useful instruction videos covering a variety of tuning and stringing subjects.

#1 -Introduction: Parts of the Harp

#2A. Harp Tuning Basics and Electronic Tuners

#2B -Basic Harp Tuning and Tips

#2C -Tuning Your Lever Harp to C or Flat Keys

#3A -Choosing the Correct Replacement String

#3B -Tying the Knot in the Harp String

#3C -Replacing a String on Your Harp

The Sylvia Woods Harp Center has created a video of master harp technician Peter Wiley demonstrating how to replace a bass wire string on a pedal harp.