Lyon & Healy Lever Harp Strings

Lyon & Healy Lever Harp Strings

Strings for lever harps made by Lyon & Healy Harps, are designated by octave number and note name (e.g. 3rd Octave E), as they are on pedal harps. Octaves run from an E string on top, down to an F string. The highest note on lever harps is in the 1st Octave. Middle C is in the 4th Octave. The lowest note on most Lyon & Healy lever harps is in the 6th octave.


All C strings are red and all F strings are black.

Please be aware that some Lyon & Healy lever harps use pedal gauge strings and others use lever gauge strings.

Click on a model name below to get a printable PDF string chart. We suggest that you print this chart and use it for reference as you order strings.  Clicking on the string type will take you to a page to order that string.

These Lyon & Healy lever harps use LEVER gauge strings:

These Lyon & Healy lever harps use various gauges of strings:

The Lyon & Healy “Folk Harp” model uses a combination of LEVER and PEDAL gauge strings: Pedal Nylon, Bow Brand Pedal Gut or *Burgundy Pedal Gut and Folk Wires

The Lyon & Healy Ogden is normally strung with PEDAL gauge strings.

*Our Burgundy Pedal Gut strings are lower in price than the standard Bow Brand Pedal Gut strings, due to slight imperfections in appearance. (The word “Burgundy” does not refer to the color of the strings, it is a brand name.)